Artwork Requirements


Electronic camera-ready art must be vector art; this means all of the graphics are represented as lines, outlines and fills. Our first preference is an Illustrator .eps or .ai file with text converted to outlines. Vector-based .pdf files are also accepted.

Remember, just because art can be saved as .EPS (or other acceptable extension) does NOT mean it is vector art and useable.

FotoFlex® - Digital Artwork Creation

  • Acceptable files are PhotoShop (.psd), Illustrator (.ai), .tiff, .eps, and .pdf with text converted to outlines. Must be 300 dpi and higher resolution.
  • Native and placed art files must be CMYK.
  • All placed images need to be 100% of imprint size.
  • All black text, line art and images must be set to 100% K to avoid CMYK trapping.

Artwork can be placed on our FTP site or sent on a disk, if files are larger than 5 MB. Word documents, faxed artwork, publisher files or art pulled from a website cannot be accepted – a quality print begins with quality artwork.

Customer Logos:

The manufacturer is not responsible for any reproduction of unauthorized, trademarked or copyrighted logos. Any damages incurred as a result of unauthorized use will be the responsibility of the party supplying artwork.


Rubber is a natural product. Therefore slight variations in color and texture are to be expected and are not considered to be a defect. Rubber tends to stretch to some degree during the printing and cutting process, therefore, not all imprints will be perfectly centered.

Unacceptable Art:

Non-digital art that cannot be scanned because of low resolution, such as business cards, photocopies, faxes, or printed materials. Low resolution digital images pulled off the internet or customer website are also unacceptable.


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