Workout Bands™

Workout Bands™ Rubber Bands give your company the chance to flex your message and your muscle on the perfect exercise accessory.

Workout Bands™ Rubber Bands are the best exercise accessory to promote your message and a healthy lifestyle. Workout Bands™ allow you to incorporate toning, strengthening and stretching exercises, such as yoga and Pilates, into your daily routine. These bands are light, portable and will fit into a busy schedule with ease. Use them as a promotional gift by placing a company’s name or logo on the bands. Workout Bands™ are great giveaways for hospitals, gyms and physical rehabilitation facilities. There are a variety of exercises, shown below, that can be done with our bands.

  • One-color imprint.
  • Multiple band colors.
  • Soft stretch, lightweight and portable.
  • Not a toy. Keep out of reach of children.


  • Use Workout Bands™ as promotional giveaways for hospitals, gyms, doctor offices and rehabilitation facilities. Personalize it with a company name and logo!
  • Use Workout Bands™ for a quick exercise. The bands are lightweight, portable and will fit into any schedule.

Workout Bands 10 Min. Workout Sheet Senior Living Fitness with Workout Bands 10 Min. Workout

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