Brand-It™ Custom Hang Tags

Brand-It™ tags are a great way to promote your brand’s unique selling points and limited-time offers. With eye-catching graphics and a specially-designed silicone anchor band your product will be front and center for all to see. Unlike string labels, these tags remain on the object - even during transit!

The custom extruded silicone band will hold the tag upright (and in-place) from production all the way to the consumer. The custom designed hanging tag gives you the ability to add your name, logo, and product information to enhance the quality of your branded item.

Brand-It™ tags:
  • Convey your brand's unique selling points even if the sales floor staff is not up to speed on the product.
  • Are available with matte, gloss, and water-resistant tags in a variety of sizes.
  • Allow you to emphasize the story about your product.
  • Promote information that might not be seen on the back of the product label.
  • Allow you to advertise limited time offers, social media channels, or noteworthy awards directly on your product.

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