Ad Bands® is a leading supplier in the promotional products industry. Offering "Quality Printed Products", we continually bring new products to the industry providing fun and original ideas to help our distributors succeed. We consider our customers, those we serve, to be our priority. We strive to satisfy our patrons through innovative resources, combining technology with personal touch.

Our beginning was marked by the roaring success of ad band printed rubber bands in 1986, which we branded as Ad Bands®. This product proved to be a great success and quickly became what we were known for. Soon after, we began expanding our product line offering items such as Workout Bands™ and Resistor Strip™. Growth has been a common denominator in our past and present. We will continue reaching for the stars, growing based on success measured through customer satisfaction.


Mission Statement

While fortunate to represent the Industry’s most exciting and highest quality products, the Ad Bands® Team knows that distributors need much more. A great attitude, extensive product knowledge, and the occasional miracle can be expected from the Ad Bands® Team. Our Team is willing to go the extra mile to truly understand our customers goals. And afterwards, we’re second to none at anticipating solutions that will keep your customers coming back time after time.


Quality Statement

Ad Bands® quality is not an end; it is a continual process.  It is the never ceasing quest for superior products at increased efficiency.  It is that ability of any individual in any part of our organization to be securely aware that our customers throughout the world are receiving Ad Bands® products on time, free of concern or defect.
The Ad Bands® product in the consumer’s hand represents not only our talent and dedication as individuals, but also our collective awareness that we are judged not by our best performance, but by the performance of each of the millions of items we produce and market daily.  Ad Bands® quality is the product of our preparation, education, and consistency.

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