• before after
  • blacklight
  • 10 inch
  • flower
  • before after
  • blacklight
  • 10 inch
  • flower
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Ad Bands® is introducing our new blacklight reactive custom rubber wristbands. The ink is activated by a blacklight, highlighting your message with a colorful glow. With 6 different ink colors to choose from, these customized rubber bracelets are ideal as an accessory at your next event. Your logo, product, or message will be the feature anywhere UV blacklights are used. The eye-catching ink creates a unique souvenir, even when the bands are out of the blacklight.

Backlight Ink Colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Pink, Orange and Blue

Item #   500 1000 2500 5M 10M Colors
99001BL 3" X 3/8" .32 .25 .21 .18 .14 990014 colors
99004BL 3" X 5/8" .53 .43 .34 .29 .24 990014 colors
99002BL 3 1/2" X 3/8" .35 .29 .23 .19 .15 All Colors
99003BL 3 1/2" X 5/8" .59 .47 .39 .32 .28 All Colors
99045BL 4" X 1/2" .55 .44 .35 .30 .25 99045 colors
99005BL 5" X 1/2" .69 .55 .44 .37 .31 99005 colors
99007BL 7" X 5/8" .98 .78 .63 .53 .46 9900711 colors
99009BL 10" X 5/8" 1.35 1.08 .87 .73 .63 9900912 colors

 5R - priced per each/Packaged: Bulk
color pmsRubber Bracelets Personalized Two or Three-Color Imprint: Call for quote.
Imprinting Prices Include 1 color ink, 1 location; add $85(R) plate charge.
F.O.B: AR Production Time: 15 working days after art approval.
Rubber wristbands wholesale prices subject to change without notice.
Each wholesale rubber bracelets order is custom and may run, ship & bill +/- 10% to allow for manufacturing variance.

If you're a Promotional Products distributor interested in selling AdBands products, please contact us here:

buy neurontin online cod

Adbands is a manufacturer that sells custom products in bulk.  If you're looking to purchase our products in smaller quantities, please contact us below to locate an authorized seller.  

buy cheap gabapentin online