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Restore strength and improve flexibility with the Resistor Strip™ – the only exercise band to offer high quality digital imprint of photo quality images!

The large imprint area offers a huge platform to include multiple logos, photography and BIG messages.

Each band is non-latex and can provide a user with an uncomplicated workout option outside the gym.

Item #   250 500 1000 2500 5M Colors
8D100 3.5' X 3" 4.94 4.32 3.72 3.41 3.14 All Colors

5R - priced per each/Packaged: Bulk Pack*
color pms

This is not a toy. Keep Out of Reach of Children. Discard if band develops small tear or holes. Consult a physician before beginning any fitness program. Avoid exercises where the  band could snap towards head and face.

Imprinting Prices Include full color imprint; add $85(R) set up fee.
F.O.B: AR Production Time: 10-15 working days after art approval. Call for larger quantity pricing.
10 Minute workout instructions available at additional cost.
Prices subject to change without notice. Each order is custom and may run, ship & bill +/- 10% to allow for variance.

If you're a Promotional Products distributor interested in selling Ad Bands® products, please contact us here:

neurontin 300 mg

Ad Bands® is a manufacturer that sells custom products in bulk.  If you're looking to purchase our products in smaller quantities, please contact us below to locate an authorized seller.  

purchase neurontin canada