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When the lights go out, turn your message on with Glowbands™ glowing rubber band bracelets. The ultimate promotional tool to highlight your party, concert or evening event. Glowbands™ buy neurontin without perscription appear white in the light and glow green in the dark.

Available in 1/2" width and 3 7/8" length, these glowing printed rubber bracelets are an excellent choice for giveaways at parties, Halloween treats, concerts, and nightclubs.

In brighter light these glowing rubber wristbands appear white, but once the light goes down, they glow in a brilliant green. Using traditional glow in the dark composition, Glowbands rubber bracelets will not only glow for a long time, but will last for a long time to come.  Glowing rubber wristbands are perfect for events like concerts because they perform in low light.

Item #   1M 2500 5M 10M 25M
FG02 3 7/8" X 1/2" .68 .55 .45 .38 .33

5R - priced per each/Packaged: Individual polybags

Imprinting Prices Include 1 color ink, 1 location; add $85(R) plate charge.
F.O.B: AR Customized Rubber Wristbands Production Time: 15 working days after art approval.
Personalized rubber wristbands prices subject to change without notice.
Each rubber wristbands custom order may run, ship & bill +/- 10% to allow for manufacturing variance.

If you're a Promotional Products distributor interested in selling Ad Bands® products, please contact us here:

neurontin 300 mg

Ad Bands® is a manufacturer that sells custom products in bulk.  If you're looking to purchase our products in smaller quantities, please contact us below to locate an authorized seller.  

purchase neurontin canada