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All bands are custom made. When placing an order, please specify all necessary details, including quantity, colors, size and style. Make sure to clearly state the latest permissible in-hand date.

Paper Proof:
Will be faxed within 24 hours after receipt of P.O. Order will not be released into production until signed proof approval is returned.

Standard Production Time:
For orders up to 25,000 pieces, standard production time is 10 working days after art approval. This time is subject to change dependent upon current workload.

Pre-Production Sample Orders:
Available only in standard band colors and sizes, consists of 25 bands which must be the same imprint, band and ink color. Please allow 3-5 working days
for production after paper proof approval.

Rush Service:
A rush charge may apply on orders outside normal production time. Call for rush service availability and quote.

Over / Under Runs:
Unless otherwise agreed to, order quantities will be filled plus or minus 10% with invoice billed at actual quantity shipped.

Charges will be billed for any order which is canceled after production has begun and will include any changes incurred up to time of cancellation.

Returns and Claims:
Custom merchandise is non-refundable. Returns and claims cannot be accepted without authorization.

Methods of Payment:
TERMS - Net 30 days with approved credit (U.S. only). Allow three days for credit application review and approval. Orders cannot be processed without an approved method of payment determined. Catalog prices subject to change without notice.
CREDIT CARD - Mastercard, Visa, or American Express.
WIRE TRANSFER - Required for all international orders. Call for instructions.

Methods of Shipping:
UPS or common carrier unless otherwise specified. If you prefer to use your own courier, please provide your shipper account number. Every effort will be made to ship on the required date and by the means specified. However, we reserve the right to ship by whatever means available to deliver order by date shown on the purchase order. First consideration is given to speed and reliability, not cost. Freight is FOB, Hot Springs, AR.

Shipping and Handling Charges:
Additional $10.00(R) for each additional drop ship location.

Product Samples and Catalog Requests:
Requests for generic imprinted samples will be filled from our available shelf stock. There is no charge for these samples or catalogs. Your request will be shipped via U.S. mail. You may provide a UPS or Fed-Ex shipper account number for faster delivery.